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Wooden Photographs

Our Laser engraved photos are run through high tech software and printed up to 1000dpi (that is really really high precision). The 1/4 Maple canvas has an even wood grain that allows for a high contrast image with subtle shading. Finally, we lightly treat the photo with a protective coating that seals the exterior of the photo for increased durability. Ask for our acrylic protection option!

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Wooden Leaf Wall Art

Display the exact laser-cut representation (to 0.1mm in some places) of 6 different broadleaves found in North America. Each leaf displays the exact biological vein structure, common name, and Scientific name making it perfect for educational environments and the homes of outdoors enthusiasts. At the top of the artwork, the words “North American Broadleaf” are engraved in a solid plank of poplar wood and tightly friction fitted. These letters extrude from the rest of the artwork by 1/16 of an inch, giving it a slight popout texture. Above the title are 3 evenly spaced holes at 3mm diameter each, to give you a variety of different mounting options.

(Optional) If desired I will cut a piece of acrylic to perfectly cover the outline of the leaves and the frame to further protect the delicate cutout structures.
– This option will come with a sawtooth hanger on the back instead of the holes, and the title will be laser cut directly to the Maple wood structure.

If you would like to have other leaves displayed I can make up a custom listing just for you (this would include design costs). Just message me the leaves you would like to display. it will take roughly 1-2 days to design custom leaves and an additional day to put it in the cutting cue in order to have it made (3 total processing days).

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Wooden Leaf Coasters (Oak)

Do you want perfect anatomically correct leaf coasters that resemble exactly what you find in nature (right down to the exact vein structure)? These coasters made from 1/4inch oak wood have an exact representation of 1 of 6 different North American tree leaves. Under each laser-cut leaf design is the common name and the scientific name. Optionally, you can have the Range map of where you can find the tree in nature laser cut into the back of the coaster. Each coaster is treated to ensure water protection and the ability to wash lightly with dish soap and water.

These designs were created by myself and then laser cut with my own equipment. You will not find anything like it online (I looked, couldn’t find anything).

Dimensions: Square – 3.5 x 3.5 inches
The leaf design goes beyond the square dimensions in 2 directions anywhere from 1.8 – 1 1/8 inch

You can purchase them individually or as a set for a discount.

If you have any questions about these beautiful designs please do not hesitate to ask.side.

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Wooden Signs

This Customisable Welcome sign for your home is made from select wood, laser engraved, and coated with a scratch-resistant polyurethane. This home features a log cabin, 3 pine trees, a deer, and 2 birds flying overhead.

There is an option to change “Home” for “Cabin” for free, just let me know in your message and I will make the change.

this sign comes with a premium sawtooth hanger on the backside.

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Snowflake Coasters (Walnut)

These 4-inch Snowflake coasters are made from either dark walnut or red oak (light wood). This set of 4 coasters comes with a FREE coaster stand (pictured) to beautifully display this set, giving them an organised way to place them on a table when not in use. The stand has “Snowflakes” engraved into the coaster stand.

The coasters are made to order in my shop and will be brand new, cut from a fresh piece of wood as soon as you order. They will then be treated with mineral oil and sealed to keep them water-sealed for a long-lasting finish.

Should not be washed in the dishwasher. Hand Clean when needed.

Want a set of just one? send me a message and I will make a custom listing just for you.

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Wooden Interlocking Coasers

These Interlocking Coasters can be linked together in a perfect uniform pattern to become as large or as small as you desire. Being treated with both Mineral oil and Teak oil, These coasters will not become damaged by any spilt household liquids (for a lasting finish, clean with a warm wet towel or soft brush when dirty). Designed, Created and tested in-house at Wildly Handy Creations, we can guarantee the precision of each coaster.

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